Silk Slips for The Relaxed Bride

    Silk strikes the perfect balance of luxury and simplicity. We believe in classic cuts and flattering shapes and see more beauty in a curated minimalistic style than in extravagance.

    The perfect fabric for the modern bride, a woman that recognises the union of friends and family as the most important aspect of her wedding day, rather than how many layers of tulle compose her dress.

    Our stunning sandwashed silk catches the light, creating a subtle element for your special day. The lightweight style of the fabric allows it to fall naturally down the body, creating the perfect shape when slow dancing or taking those first steps down the aisle.

    Silk is a natural fibre that offers both breatheability during the day and warmth at night. Shop Ivory, a shade that pairs perfectly with orchids, doves and marble, some of our favourite simple symbols of beauty.

    Even if it is not your dress of choice, it's a beautiful piece to slip into once you're home.

    Images for The Bridal Collection by Natasha Schweitzer.