Our Commitment To Everyday Sustainability

At Silk, we believe in buying better quality pieces that last a lifetime. Making intentional purchases reduces the volume of industry wastage and, in turn, reduces the long-term impact on our environment.

Our designs aren't trend-driven and we don't believe in buying an item that will only be worn once. We ensure to do things properly the first time around, saving your wardrobe and our planet. Spending a little more on pieces that make you feel great ensures you can hang onto them forever.

A conscious effort is made in all aspects of our daily responsibilities, from recycling correctly to re-wearing our favourite styles. We only use natural fibres in our designs and always try to avoid toxic materials. This reduces the harmful chemicals released due to significant processing.

Consumers now have the power to push the fashion industry to make a change by demanding quality pieces and avoiding the damaging impacts of fast fashion. At Silk, orders are intentionally kept small and regular to ensure minimal wastage, and we continue releasing pieces we know work well. Our slips are permanent staples that look great on everyone.

We are aware that the landscape of fashion is changing, and that we can always push ourselves to do better. In turn, our social responsibility is adapting. Following the opening of our first flagship store, we are excited to launch exciting sustainability systems in the near future. Keep up with us on Instagram, or sign up here to receive updates.